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Dog Allergy & Itch Supplements - Support for Occasional Allergies

Our full range of dog allergy & itch supplements are tailored to give your itchy dog the tools to help support against irritants and allergens. With our cleansing wipes, paw balm, serums, and soft chews, you can support your dog from nose to tail, and everything in between. The day-to-day care and treatment of your dog is imperative in helping them cope with common signs of seasonal allergies, including paw licking, head shaking, and itching.

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Meet Our Vet

"PetLab Co.’s approach to occasional allergy support is backed by extensive research, and that’s why I recommend their products to my clients."

Dr. Roxana (Roxy) Bordbar, DVM,

Vet Consultant to PetLab Co.

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